Biomass at Sutri (Italy)

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In Italy, at Sutri (in the region of Lazio) there is the only zoo technique firm that produces electric energy through “a biogas system”.  

Mr Bruni's firm has got a breeding of 310 Frisona race cows whose defections, through a fermentative activity, produce mainly methane. The gas goes to power up an electricity – generating group for the  electric energy.


1) Which condition allows cows to produce milk ?

2) What is the peculiarity of the Frisona cows ?

3) Hich main gas is being produced during the fermentative activity ?

4) What is the percentage of the gas produced ?

5) Which other gases are being obtained ?

6) How long does the mixture take to get to the second digester ?

7) What is the difference between the gas produced in the first digester and in the second digester ?

8) Do you know any other kinds of biomass ?

9) Which kind of biomass produces gases? Name at least  one of them and what  its usage is.

10) What are the conditions favouring the fermentative process?

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