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Biomass is a renewable energy source

Use of biomass as a source of energy in CEMEX (cement manufacturer in Sant Vicent del Raspeig )

What kinds of energy sources are being currently used and which is the proportion of each source?

Which has been the trend of changes, if any?

The efficiency and the origin of biomass used in CEMEX

Obviously, biomass use is environmentally friendly, but in terms of power, how is it if we compare with fossil fuels?

The biomass you use is originated here, in Sant Vicent del Raspeig?

The future supply of biomass: animal meals, sewage sludge

Do you predict future shortages in the provision of this source of energy? What are going to be the trends?

Do biomass needs any treatment prior to its use?

Economic advantages of using biomass

Which is the economic budget of the use of biomass? How much of its cost comes from subsidies?

How does biomass affect the energy budget of the whole plant?

About the adaption of the manufactory to the new energy

Does the use of biomass require changes in the way furnaces and other infrastructures work?

Tell us about future innovations and your plans concerning the use of energy and, particularly, renewable energy.

Concern about the use of organic residues

It seems that CEMEX will make some progress towards the use of sewage sludge as a source of energy. Could you give us some details on that? Is sewage sludge already used? Where does it come from? Are you planning to use more of it in the future? There is some concern in the society over the use of sewage sludge and other organic residues are these justified?

When CEMEX plans for future energy use, do you take Kyoto’s protocol into account? How has it affected plant’s management?

Short movies about CEMEX a cement manufacturer near Alicante

Quizz about biomass and Cemex

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