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The climate around us is changing. An important cause fort hat is the emission of greenhouse gases, for example carbondioxide. In the next years, the emission of greenhouse gases has to be reduced. There are emissionrights given by the governments in order to minimize the emission of the greenhouse gases.

Besides that, more governments are looking for the possibilities to extend the usage of sustainable energy. There is no limit to the accessibility of these energy sources and the emission of greenhouse gases is very low with these kinds of energy.

For the use of sustainable energy, The Netherlands can best focus on the use of windenergy and windmills. This has to do with the geographical location and the flatness of our country.


You are going to make a presentation about a theme of wind energy. The following subthemes can be used when we are talking about wind energy:

1.Technique (functioning of a windmill, use of materials, winning of energy, etc.)

2.Scale (large windmillparks – a few windmills – one windmill)

3.Economy (costs and benefits)

4.Environment (consequences of windmills for the environment)

5.Location (where are windmills being built)

6.Social (protests against windmills)

For each of the themes, you have to make a research question and some subquestions. You have to answer these questions in the presentation. Before you go to search for information for the presentation, you have to ask your teacher to take a look at the questions. He / she will decide if you will get a go or a no go to do your research.

Practical conditions

Group: 2 persons

Hand in: ……………………………

Completion and results

At the end of the period, there will be presentations about your theme. This presentation takes the maximum of 15 minutes. Both members of the group have to do a part of the presentation.

Student Works

Guidelines for students

Examples from students

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