Remote sensing

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Remote sensing means measuring an object at a distance without physical contact with it. In this section of podcast, fundamentals such as spectral signatures, real and false color image, ... are introduced.

These exercises are specifically targeted for K12 level student, just to introduce the Remote Sensing concepts, and some practical exercise with “Leoworks” a free software from ESA


A PowerPoint presentation to introduce the concept of remote sensing (passive and active), radiometric answer, real and false color image, ....

PW0: Introduction to satellite image.

A PowerPoint presentation to introduce the concept of satellite image. Also a document for the student and for the teacher. How we can build a image (without the leoworks soft)


PW 1 :  Images in true and false colors of the town of Cairo as it is seen by the Landsat satellite (LEOWORKS)


Objective :

  1. PuceFirst contact to the Leoworks software

  2. PuceHow to use the « Enhance – Stretching » function in order to increase the contrast of an image.

  3. PuceHow to visualize the histogram of an image and statistical functions.

  4. PuceHow to represent an image  (RVB) in true and false colors.

PW2: Spectral responses starting from true or false color images (LEOWORKS)


Objectives :

  1. PuceHow to record radiometric values for different types of landscapes (ground, water, vegetation, urban areas,…) in the spectral bands of blue, green, red and NI (near infrared).

  2. PuceHow to encode these values in a spreadsheet

  3. PuceHow to make a graphic with the radiometric values according to the spectral bands.


PW 3: Measuring distances on an image (LEOWORKS)

Objectives :

  1. PuceFirst contact with “Leoworks”.

  2. PuceUsing measurement tools for distances, perimeters and surfaces areas.


The European Earth Observation Web Site for Secondary Schools

To download the LEOWORKS software

Presentation and suggestions for pedagogical exploitation of the CD-ROM :

« Guyana seen through the clouds » (ESA)


Exercises about ozone





Earth Observation in the classroom

only available in French and Dutch

Measurement of the Moon radius


Practical work about Earthquake: Devastation and Recovery Bam, Iran