The Comenius project 2011-2013:

Developing a bank of exercises with keys to be used by sciences teachers and english teacher, on the subject of how to address the issue of renewable energy in Europe (different levels), using the  screencast methodology and available on a an e-learning platform; mastering the necessary technical and pedagogical know-how, which can after be used for any subject or educational field.

Making this bank of sciences exercises available to the European teaching community

Aswan DamEnergy_B1.html

Each exercise contain:

1°) A context introduction with different formats: pdf / ePUB / Movie

2°) The problem (pdf /ePUB) or Quiz (hotpotatoes / Netquiz)

3°) The Solution in screencast/podcast

The ePUB format is for tablet (ipod touch, iphone, ipad, android tablet,

The pdf format for all kind of device

The ePUB file contain the complet exercise: the context, the problem, the screencast

Solar towerEnergy_B2.html
 Energy Satellite 1Energy_B3.html
Desertec TunisiaEnergy_B4.html
Ariane 5 noisyEnergy_B5.html
Thruster RocketEnergy_B6.html
Bio EthanolEnergy_B8.html
Fusion - ITEREnergy_B9.html

Information about the Desertec project

All exercises in sciences

Parabolic solar cookerEnergy_S1.html
Photovoltaics systemEnergy_S2.html
Solar PanelsEnergy_S3.html
Manufacturing siliconEnergy_S4.html
Energy at homeEnergy_S5.html
Solar radiationEnergy_S6.html
Student WorkEnergy_N1.html
Energy gridEnergy_B10.html